Pilgrimage Sites

The world that we inhabit is covered by many pilgrimage trails, many of which have been buried or forgotten for decades or centuries, and are just being re-discovered or un-veiled. The following list is but a partial roster of pilgrimage sites around the world, reflecting Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Shinto religious sites, to name but a few world religions. Feel free to contact Dr. Webb-Mitchell to add more pilgrimage sites that are not on this list as we seek to make this a complete list! 

imageSpecific Destinations for Pilgrimage

Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom, Cambodia;
Armistar, India;
Assisi, Italy;
Basilica of the Crucified Christ, Esquipulas, Guatemala; 
Bihar, India;
Cairo, Egypt
Church of St. Mary of Zion, Ethiopia;
Delphi, Greece;
El Santuario de Chimayo, NM;
Fatima, Portugal;
Haridwar and Dwarka, India;
Holy Land (Israel, Lebanon, and Syria);
Knock, Ireland; 
Istanbul, Turkey;
Kathmandu, Nepal;
Kyoto, Japan;
Lhasa in Tibet, China;
Lourdes, France;
Lumbini, Nepal;
Machu Pichu in Peru;
Mecca, Saudi Arabia;
Medina, Saudi Arabia;
Medugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina;
Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain;
Mount Banahaw, Philippines;
Mount Kailas, China;
Mt. Corcovado, Brazil;
Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada;
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City, Mexico;
Petra, Jordan;
Pilgrimage commemorating the civil right marches of Selma and Montgomery and Martin Luther King, Jr.;
Pilgrimage venerating Cesar Chavez in CA;
Rome; Italy;
Santiago de Compostela, Spain;
Shikoku, Japan;
St. Patrick's Purgatory, Irelalnd; 
Stonehenge, Canterbury, Lindisfarne, and Walsingham, England;
Temple of the Tiger, Bhutan;
The Chinguetti Mosque, Mauritania;
Tiwanacu, Bolivia;
Udder Pradesh Province, India;
Ujjain, India;
Uluru, Australia;
Uman, Ukraine;
Varanasi, India;